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Finally what’s promising for Hollywood affairs as these two are still collectively

Finally what’s promising for Hollywood affairs as these two are still collectively

Connie Hamzy is most effective identified by this lady nickname, sugary Connie. She generated title after she gathered a reputation if you are a southern belle from Arkansas with a warm smile. Connie was actually therefore well-known from inside the songs world that she made it to the lyrics of a Grand Funk Railroad song. Hamzy got particularly associated with Alice ekЕџi tgpersonals Cooper, John Bonham and Keith moonlight. Hamzy ultimately penned an autobiography based on her encounters as a groupie.

Kendra Jade

Kendra Jade made a name for herself in the world of burlesque dancing and also in the mature activity sector. Jade relocated to Ca as a lady to start out this lady career and she caught the attention of several performers right after. She was actually quickly going to star studded functions and enjoying the girl time in the spotlight. After she got enough of her partying living, Jade tied the knot with Canadian musician Lukas Rossi.

Josie Stevens

While Josie Stevens had been never actually romantically associated with artists like Axl flower and Mick jagger, she had been noted for soon after them around as a real groupie do. Stevens produced a reputation for by herself whenever she started modeling as well as caused it to be into Playboy mag. Stevens chosen a lifetime career modification and became a makeup musician. Fundamentally, Stevens did enter a relationship with a rocker whenever she hitched guitar player Steve Stevens. Stevens continues to be from inside the spotlight now as she started her own make of garments in 2011.

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear is an accomplished celebrity and is noted for featuring in Melrose spot, which received the woman 4 nominations for a Golden world. She has additionally acted on series like Spin town and Dynasty. Besides this lady profitable acting job, Locklear is known for their attraction toward stone performers. She got partnered to Tommy Lee from 1986 until 1993 and has also been she has also been bora from Bon Jovi until they separated in 2007.

Audrey Hamilton

Unlike a lot of groupies which will make the listing, Audrey Hamilton enjoys kept a reduced profile and attempts to steer clear of the spotlight. Hamilton invested the majority of the woman energy with Robert place from directed Zeppelin nevertheless the commitment concluded inside later part of the 70s after Plant’s daughter passed on. Next split, Hamilton went on as of yet Ace Frehley that is a guitarist for Kiss therefore the two have even a kid collectively.

Kathleen Dorritie

Kathleen Dorritie found their method inside disorderly arena of stone after she turned David Bowie’s publicist. Dorritie continued for a profession in entertainment and acted in Pork, that was a play by Andy Warhol. Dorritie failed to merely heed around superstars, she furthermore turned into their friends. She ended up being an excellent pal to Warhol plus helped your in ways work. She was also rumored for been close aided by the Beatles performer John Lennon.

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith attained notoriety as a groupie in the sixties. She invested most of this lady energy making use of the Band in addition to their song a€?The Weighta€? also mentions smith. Smith was also connected to Gordon Lightfoot who’s a Canadian folk musician. The guy written a track about their experiences with Cathy put wouldn’t painting this lady in a confident way inside the song a€?Sundown.a€? Smith’s commitment with Lightfoot presumably ended considering lays and dependency. Smith arrived by herself in jail after she presumably inserted star John Belushi with heroin.

Cynthia Albritton

Albritton received herself the nickname, Cynthia Plaster Caster. Cynthia had been a true groupie and began latching onto one rockstar after another in hopes that they would fall in love with her. Why she got the girl strange nickname had been considering her creating plaster casts of numerous musician’s personal markets. Oddly enough, it had been Frank Zappa who assisted Cynthia go after the lady fascinating passion. Albritton’s first plaster throw subject was Jimi Hendrix.

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