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There’s another version of the OFL-FAQ (version 1

There’s another version of the OFL-FAQ (version 1

  1. Review
  2. Records
    1. Current variation – 1.1
    2. Translations
  3. Using the OFL
  4. Records
    1. Community assessment
    2. OFL fonts
  5. Facts and rationale
    1. FLOSS-friendliness
      1. The 4 FSF Freedoms
      2. DFSG compatibility
      3. OSD being compatible

1-update6) offered according to suggestions from the larger available font style neighborhood. Addititionally there is a different debate report on Web Fonts and Reserved Font labels. Please speak to us when you have additional issues.


The SIL Open Font License (OFL) is actually a free of charge, libre and available supply permit specifically designed for fonts and relevant pc software based on our very own experience with font build and linguistic pc software manufacturing.

The OFL provides a legal platform and infrastructure for global developing, discussing and improvement of fonts and related software in a collective manner. They enables font writers to release their unique work under a common license that allows utilize, bundling, adjustment and redistribution. They motivates provided worth, just isn’t restricted to any particular processing platform or environment, and will be utilised by various other companies or individuals.

The OFL meets the precise specifications of typographic design and technology in addition to the silver requirements for the FLOSS (Free/Libre and start supply pc software) community, namely the social principles and directions through the FSF 1 , the Debian complimentary Software rules 2 , along with the Open provider description 3 . They draws motivation from concepts and areas found in additional permits, but all of our modifications inside the particular part of fonts made the certification model are more effective than many other techniques presently used.

SIL Overseas serves words communities global, creating their convenience of lasting words developing, in the form of study, translation, tuition and materials development. We’ve been contemplating more open and participative versions for some time, for instance through the partnerships with UNESCO (step ) and our very own work with the Gentium typeface. Read for an in depth list of free/libre and available origin computer software resources offered by SIL.

We offer the individuals of the world without reference to their content wealth, so we become thankful to people which do finance our very own services. Please visit contribute to SIL Global for information on supporting our initiatives.


We experienced a lot of time in order to make the permit readable and simply comprehended by users, designers and applications designers and additionally bundle maintainers and providers. To really make the OFL a lot more human-readable, we’ve got provided a FAQ (faq’s) to simply help every person understand the intent together with useful components of with the license itself. Though it currently covers a lot of products, the FAQ will grow as needed. Please inform us when you have additional questions.

Existing variation – 1.1

We advice all writers need variation 1.1 regarding the OFL, but adaptation 1.0 is provided with right here for guide. An entire directory of modifications from 1.0 to 1.1 can be obtained regarding the OFL Overview webpage. The most crucial change for authors would be that no font names include reserved by default. Reserved Font brands should be explicitly indexed alongside the copyright statement for the OFL header.


We also acknowledge the necessity for those people who are unfamiliar with English to be able to comprehend the OFL and also this FAQ best – in their own code. If you’re an experienced translator, you are most welcome to assist by translating the OFL and its Atlanta escort FAQ in order for developers and consumers inside words area can see the permit much better. But precisely the earliest English version of the permit possess appropriate worth and it has come approved by the community. Translations don’t depend as appropriate replacements and must only act as a method to explain the earliest permit. SIL – due to the fact creator and steward of permit when it comes to neighborhood most importantly – cannot accept any interpretation in the OFL as legitimately good because also small translation ambiguities could possibly be abused and create dilemmas.

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